About IBLM

The International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) sets and maintains standards for assessment and credentialing of physicians and PhD/Masters level health professionals in Lifestyle Medicine globally. We exist to:

  • Prevent, arrest and reverse chronic disease through LM interventions
  • Give patients a choice of care and reduce medical utilization costs, on a global basis
  • Educate interested physicians, health and allied health professionals
  • Set a common standard/language for LM protocols globally
  • Differentiate between the evidence based LM professionals and the non-evidence based LM practitioners
  • Set an international LM benchmark
  • Coordinate the certification efforts of the continental LM organizations
  • Co-issue LM certifications (together with the regional LM organizations) and thus provide a globally recognized “seal of approval”

Meet the Exam Writers

Sley Tanigawa Guimaraes,
MD – Brazil

Acupuncture and Preventive Medicine
President – CBMEV

Siva Poobalasingam,
MD - Malaysia

Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine Specialist
President – Malaysian Society of LM

Flavia Fayet-Moore,
PhD – Australia

CEO Nutrition Research Australia
Nutrition Scientist & Dietitian

Darren Morton,
PhD - Australia

Senior Lecturer
Avondale University College
Lifestyle Medicine Researcher & Presenter

Dave Drozek,

Associate Professor of Lifestyle Medicine
Ohio University Heritage College of
Osteopathic Medicine

Liana Lianov,

Positive Psychology Specialist
IBLM/ABLM Board Vice Chair

Scott Stoll,

Co-Founder Plantrician Project
Lifestyle Medicine Speaker & Presenter

Greg Steinke,

Family, Preventive & LM physician
Hospitalist, Erlanger Health System

Suzanne MacKenzie,

Chemical Pathologist
National Health Service, Scotland

Jill Waalen,

Associate Professor
Scripps Research Institute Family Medicine
Psychometric Expert
Question Bank Manager

Meet the Exam Proctors

Jill Waalen, MD

Associate Professor
Scripps Research Institute Family Medicine
Physician, Psychometric Expert

Stephan Herzog

Executive Director ABLM
Principal Consultant
Duke&Co, Australia & USA


Rebecca Deutsch

ACLM Certification Manager
IBLM MOC Manager

Meet the Exam Translation Reviewers

Nisrine Makarem MD DipIBLM

Clinical Associate, Family Medicine Department American University of Beirut Medical Center

Sley Tanigawa Guimaraes MD DipIBLM

Acupuncture and Preventive Medicine
President – Brazilian College of Lifestyle Medicine

Cristian Dellepiane MD DipIBLM

Responsable academico, Servicio Medicina General Ambulatoria, Hospital Universitario Austral Argentina

Keisuke Miyamoto MD DipIBLM

Hospitalist, Queen’s Medical Center Hawaii
Member Japanese Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Teddy TJ Xing

Founder & CEO Teach for the Future

Meet the Advisory Board Memb.ers

Wayne Dysinger, MD DipIBLM

ABLM Board Chair
CEO Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, USA, Past President ACLM

Rob Lawson, MD DipIBLM

Chairman British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, Fellow & Examiner
for the Royal College of
General Practitioners Great Britain

Johann Kim T Manez, MD DipIBLM FACLM

Executive Director, Philippine
College of Lifestyle Medicine
Consultant, FourLeaf Lifestyle
Medicine Institute Philippines

Ravinder Mamtani, MBBS MD DipIBLM

Co-Founder, Lifestyle Medicine
Interest Group – Qatar
Vice Dean for Student Affairs – Admissions, Population Health and Lifestyle Medicine

Darren Morton, PhD DipIBLM

Course Convenor, Postgraduate
Studies in Lifestyle Medicine,
Avondale College of
Higher Education, Australia

Margarete Ezinwa, MD DipIBLM

Executive Director Lifestyle
Medicine Global Alliance
Family/Preventive Medicine
Physician, Loma Linda
University Health, USA

Stephan Herzog

Executive Director ABLM
Principal Consultant
Duke&Co, Australia & USA

The IBLM cooperates with the following lifestyle medicine organisations:


23854 La Posta Court
Temescal Valley, CA, 92883, USA
[email protected]

The International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) sets and maintains standards for assessment and credentialing of physicians in Lifestyle Medicine. Certification as an IBLM diplomate signifies specialized knowledge in the practice of lifestyle medicine and distinguishes a physician as having achieved competency in lifestyle medicine.