How to Certify

The IBLM and its member associations, colleges, societies and organizations are committed to a globally standardized approach to lifestyle medicine certifications. This includes exam eligibility, prerequisites, exam questions and length, pass rates and certification costs (tiered to account for the variations in purchasing power). As the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine has been the first institution to hold certifications, the IBLM global standards have been modelled against the ABLM standards”. Each region has minor modifications to account for local circumstances.

For certification eligibility, prerequisites, lifestyle medicine competencies and exam logistics, please click here.

The IBLM is working with the following organisations, to bring a globally unified certification framework to the market:

  • The Amercian Board of Lifestyle Medicine
  • The European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation
  • The Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
  • The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
  • The Latin American Lifestyle Medicine Association

Once Africa is organized in terms of lifestyle medicine, we expect that organization to join the IBLM, too.

Each regional or country lifestyle medicine organization runs their own examination, using the global exam and proctoring provided by the IBLM. Certifications are co-issued by the local and regional organization holding the exam and the IBLM.